Earbud Safety and Preventive Hearing Loss

Earbud SafetyThe need to embrace ear safety and abiding by preventive measures on ear cannot be over emphasize as many people fall a victim of ear defect yearly. Among other taste organ in the body, the ear and eye seems to deteriorate over time due to exposures and environmental dangers. But the good news is that ear defect is completely preventable. It is important to know that loud sound can damage the ear if not now but gradually and there is no two way about. And it’s a thing of sadness to know that youth of this generation are likely to fall a victim of this danger as compared to past generations. This is so because thousands of youth prefer listening to music with their earbuds. And earbuds are designed in such a way that the tip of the earbud point directly to your ear canal for total listening experience. Having a sound directly to your ear canal at a high level volume above the recommended sound decibel (85Db) can cause harm to ear over time.

Listening to music on the best music earbuds headphone is fun but not when you prefer running your volume level to above 85decibel. A dance club is generally around 110 decibels, and a rock concert is at 120 decibels, and a jet is at 130 decibels. Being expose to this level of sound continuously have a way of killing your hearing senses which in turn can graduate to total ear loss. Blasting music is not the way to enjoy music and do not want to stretch your ear to high volume music just because you want to beat external sound around. Instead make do with a noise cancelling or isolation headphones when you know your environment is always noisy. Though many people give bad training to their ear by taking in so much sound daily, and we also believe that bad ear training could be as a result of poor earbud.

What triggers permanent hearing loss is that you have hair cells inside of your ears that pick up sound waves and convert them into electrical signals which your brain interprets. When you are expose to loud sounds constantly, the vibrations can destroy your hair cells. Unlike other cells in your body, your hair cells can never grow back once they are damaged.

The general Rule of thumb is that if your music is too loud, just turn it down. Don’t think 85db’s is too low. Care for your ear and understand earbuds are designed to keep you close to your music irrespective of where you are at the time. Do not abuse the use of it by jamming high volume but stick to the manufacturer’s instructions for perfect use.

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